Wider selection of seat ventilation blowers released for automotive seat thermal comfort fields

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21 Feb. 2023

Technologies in CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared/Services, and Electric mobility) areas are advancing rapidly in recent years, and vehicles are becoming more than just a method of transportation. Comfort within the vehicle cabin is essential, and seat thermal comfort systems are now one of the key specifications required by consumers. ASPINA supports manufactures in this field with a wider selection of seat ventilation blowers.

Introducing three models of ASPINA’s seat ventilation blowers

The DRF-29A306 is a series developed exclusively for automotive seat ventilation applications. The current models are the fourth generation of its series, and have been specially developed to improve efficiency, compactness (length, width and profile) and cost, compared to its former models. It consists of three different models: standard, wide and EV-T. The casing of all three models can be arranged using a common motor design.

The DRF-29A306 standard is a compact model, measuring only 100 mm (approx. 3.93 inches) in length and width. The DRF-29A306 wide is a more low-profile model, measuring only 19 mm (approx. 0.74 inches) in height at the casing scroll. It is also a more high powered model with a maximum flow of 40m^3/h, which is 60% larger than our standard model.

For manufacturers pursuing an even more compact, quiet product while maintaining pressure, we recommend our DRF-29A306 EV-T model. While the standard and wide models have a single-outlet casing, the EV-T model has a distinctive back outlet structure which enables a maximum pressure of 450 Pa while only emitting 54 dB(A) of acoustic noise, and at the same time achieving a compact size of 105 mm (approx. 4.13 inches) in length and width.

All models ready for mass production to meet current demands

ASPINA’s blowers for automotive seat ventilation systems are produced with automated lines at our plants in China and Mexico. The automation at our lines stabilizes product quality, and the locations enable supply to all customers in Asia, North America, and Europe.

ASPINA has success providing seat ventilation blowers to over 10 OEMs worldwide, and we are ready to support manufacturers in the growing market of automotive seat thermal comfort systems. If you have any questions or would like samples, quotations, consulting on customization etc., please feel free to contact us from our form.

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