What we do

ASPINA is a group of technology companies who are global leaders in hardware and software development and manufacturing, giving shape to the concepts of "hope" and "comfort".

Our three divisions deal respectively with drive systems and precision motors, industrial solutions, and assistive technology. Having acquired a strong reputation for customer-oriented products and services that deliver reliable performance, they have earned the recognition of leading companies in their respective industries as well as large numbers of end users worldwide.

Since it was first established in 1918, the ASPINA Group has been supplying a wide range of solutions that fulfill the needs of customers around the world and has established a global network that extends from research and development to all steps along the supply chain, including sales and marketing, product design, and the production and delivery of products and services.

Drive systems and precision motors

ASPINA develops and manufactures precision motors, drives, modules, and a variety of different systems that are used primarily in the automation, environmental, automotive, and health and welfare sectors. The company has established a value chain that encompasses all functions from research and development to the design and production of drive systems and motors. They incorporate all these superior skills to satisfy the customer's requirements.
In its product development, ASPINA targets technologies that contain three main features which are to be compact, lightweight, and quiet operation. Having products that are compact to save space, lightweight to have it more suitable to customer needs, and quiet to be more comfortable to use are all ways ASPINA adds unique value to the customer's end product.

Applications and features

  • Products recognized by the automotive industry for their high quality and reliability (supplied to major automotive manufacturers all around the world).
  • Products that are widely adopted by market-leading companies in a range of industries, both in consumer and enterprise applications.
  • A wide range of solutions to suit different customer needs, extending from custom models that deliver genuine customer value to Plexmotion-brand standard models available both in small quantities and with short lead times.
  • A global production and distribution network that supports the multinational operations of corporate customers.

Industrial solution products

ASPINA supplies both hardware and software under the PLEXLOGGER brand for testing and analysis of "motions" in product development, production, and quality assurance. We make use of image processing techniques built up over many years to supply all-in-one products for the storage and display of video and numerical data that help improve productivity and quality for customers who are engaged in activities such as upgrading their production lines or enhancing new product performance.

Applications and features

  • Package solutions that combine a high-speed camera, data logger, and monitor and that are able to capture and display high-speed video and data waveforms synchronized to show problems as they occur.
  • Products that are widely used in product design or on production lines prone to problems that demand an urgent response.

Assistive technology products

ASPINA develops and markets hardware and software that uses audio technology to help the blind, visually or hearing impaired to be independent and to feel apart of society.
Its PLEXTALK brand of hardware and software is supplied to users around the world. By developing products that deliver customer value in ways that were not previously available, ASPINA is contributing to a better quality of life (QoL) for everyone from children to the elderly.

Applications and features

  • ASPINA participates in a community that formulates and updates the DAISY international standards for accessible digital publications. They have contributed considerable knowledge and expertise in audio technology and product development that has been built up from past experience.
  • Its DAISY-compatible digital talking book players and recorders are international market leaders.