Low vibration/noise blowers support manufacturers in car seat thermal comfort fields

Press release

22 Feb. 2022

Seat thermal comfort systems in vehicles are now one of the key specifications required for consumers when making a purchasing decision. Consequently, the demand for blowers used in ventilated seats are increasing worldwide. ASPINA supports manufactures in this field with our low vibration, low noise blowers.

DRF-29A306 blowers for vehicle seat ventilation applications

ASPINA’s blower DRF-29A306 is developed exclusively for vehicle seat ventilation applications. It consists of two different models: standard & wide. Both can be mass produced in time to meet current demands, and the casings can be customized to fit the needs of our customers.

DRF-29A306 blower for vehicle seat ventilation applications

Our standard model has low vibration and is compact, measuring only 100 mm (approx. 3.93 inches) in length and width. For manufacturers in need of a more low profile blower, we recommend our wide model. Measuring only 19mm in height at the casing scroll, it can be installed into seats with limited space. It is also a more high powered model with a maximum flow of 40m^3/h, which is 60% larger than our standard model. Consequently, it has even lower noise than our standard model when run at the same speed; perfect for products in pursuit of a more comfortable driving experience.

ASPINA’s blowers for vehicle seat ventilation applications are produced with automated lines at our plants in China and Mexico. The automation at our lines stabilize product quality, and the locations enable supply to all customers in Asia, North America, and Europe. The vibration and noise level of our blowers have been reduced to low levels, using our accumulated manufacturing experience and know-how. ASPINA has success providing vehicle seat blowers to over 10 OEMs worldwide, and we are ready to support manufacturers in the growing market of seat thermal comfort systems.

Specifications on ASPINA’s blowers for vehicle seat ventilation applications can be found in the link below:

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